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81 with love
Born: February 2,1981
United Kingdom
Died: June 2,2007
United Kingdom
Height: 6 foot 1 inches
Weight: To much! ;P
Gender: Female
Orientation: Homosexual

81 with love (born February 2,1981 - June 2,2007) is english and really cool, see ya.

I mostly edit WNBA articles, especally the Lindsay Taylor page.

My life is short but complex. My real name is Gabrielle DeHart, but who cares. The best moment in my life came when on February 6, 2001 I was engaged to my girl friend of two years. The worst moment came when only a year later on February 1, 2002, we broke up. Two years later on February 29, 2004, I again become engaged and was very happy. So yeah on February 22, 2007 we broke up. My life now suks.


I write my birthday, February 2, as 02/02 :P

I used to work for Kwiksave as an assistant manager but was sacked :(

I also worked at Tesco for a while but was also sa- ugh, yeah you know...

KevG is a friend of mine. (She's awsome! ;D)

I have got really long legs, 43 inches :)


Fave WNBA Palyers: Kayte Christensen, Lindsay Taylor, DeLisha Milton-Jones,Marie Ferdinand, Kelly Mazzante, Lisa Harrison, Lisa Leslie, Tye'sha Fluker, Kelly Schumacher, Kara Wolters, Carolyn Moos

Fave Celebs: Dita Von Teese, Emmy Rossum, Lauren Holly, Camilla Belle, Kelly Preston, Geena Davis, Naomi Watts, Imelda Staunton, Sigourney Weaver

Least liked: Mimi Rogers, Mischa Barton, Gabrielle Reece, Shannen Doherty

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