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After spending more than a year editing, I realized that Wikipedia can never gain a reputation of being a credible source. Some contributors here come with a heavy baggage of bias and prejudice and have excessive time to kill. Unfortunately, I'm not a jobless person and cannot devote hours to edit warring and endless arguments. Not long ago, I used to love editing Wikipedia as I used to see it as project to share and add to human knowledge. Little did I know that it is actually project full of bias and one-sidedness. I no longer enjoy editing Wikipedia and do not wish to continue. So good day and good riddance.

Rajat Kansal, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

P.S. Please stop leaving nasty messages on the talkpage of the IP address I used to log-in from. It is a shared one and belongs to Purdue University. One won't be seeing anymore edits from that IP anyways.