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Alloy Francis (born April 6, 1986) is a Nigerian author known for his first work of art, When Love Takes Over. Alloy's novel is a love story that is set in a contemporary way, a work of fiction which features love, romance, friendship, deceit, betrayer, and secret plot. 
 Alloy's novel feature the lead character Francis Dennis, the poor pool cleaner working towards a better life. In his journey to a better future, he met the daughter of a wealthy, and famous woman, and fell in love with her. When Love Takes Over 'is an entertaining love story that tells the true meaning of love in spite of status.

Alloy Francis, the eldest of six children, was born and raised in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up from a catholic home. His father is a farmer, while his mother is a fashion designer.
Being that his father was a farmer, Alloy came to love farming as well. He loves to help his father on the farm. As early as 5:30 A.M, Alloy and his father had set out to the farm. His father cultivated yams and cassava crops, and for that reason, Alloy loved to eat yams, same goes to his father. The first time Alloy got scolded on the farm by his father, was the day he forgot a plate to which food is to be served. It happened that they went to farm the day very early as usual, they took along what they'd eat. After few hours of working, they became hungry, and wanted to eat. Alloy's father discovered that Alloy had forgotten to come along with a plate, and scolded Alloy for not making use of his memory. They finally ate the food with leaves.
After graduating from De-young primary school, Alloy attended Government College Ikorodu, where he was a member of the mathematics club. He graduated from college in 2004. In 2009, he studied scriptwriting in PEFTI, a film school.
After graduating from PEFTI, he began a career in scriptwriting, writing scripts, and looking for a film producer to either hire him, or sell his scripts to. But yet, the producers weren't coming. He wrote many scripts that never see the day light of being produce into a movie. He got frustrated, and decided to turn few of his stories into novels. He concluded to write novels, but the inspiration to begin, and writing style wasn't there. Alloy read Dan Brown's novel, Angels and Demons, and the inspiration ignited. Although, he wrote in a different genre, romance. He can also write mystery, paranormal, and children fiction for his love for children.
All kudos goes to his younger brother, Alloy Chikezie, for giving him the novel, Angels and Demons to read.
In 2011, he started writing the the novel, When Love Takes Over, he kept rewriting, and rewriting in order to get the best result. He wrote the novel up till the fourth draft, before he gave the manuscript out to be edited. His fears, lack of confidence, style of writing, doubt all delayed the novel for three years. The novel was also self-published due to his fear of being rejected by publishers.

Dan Brown has been one of the greatest influences who have inspired Alloy's writing. His use of words, metaphors, plot development, and suspense in his novel, are things Alloy loved in Dan Brown's novel. Alloy's other influences that has inspired his writing, and has joined his list of his favorite authors are, David Baldacci, Nora Roberts, Chinua Achebe, Bella Andre, Abbi Glines, Chimamanda Adiche, and Stephen King.
Because of Alloy's love for blues, he draws his inspiration, themes mostly from there. He can pour out millions of words on paper just by hearing a love song. He also draws inspiration to write from, life, and experiences. His best time to write is late at night when others are busy sleeping. He considered it the best time to write because everywhere becomes quiet, and it'd make his brain relax, and he'd be able to think of those beautiful words to get readers engage. When not writing, he loves to cook, and watch Arsenal play football.
When Love Takes Over (2013)
Humor Writing.
Fufu Ordeal (never published.)