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      Anthony Mario Malena was born in the city of Los Angeles, California in 1968. Raised in Duarte and Monrovia (with a couple years in Florida when he was very young). He was a true child of the computer revolution.

Anthony's Children
Daughter:Daniella Lorraine Malena
Daughter:Amanda Cathryn Malena
Son:Anthony Martin Malena
Son:Christopher Michael Malena

      His interests these days are quite variable. Foremost, he is the proud father of The Mighty Four (also known as Daniella, Amanda, Anthony and Christopher Malena, his four children). He currently works at a Financial Market Education firm in Lake Mary, Florida, while he previously managed the data processing and programming activities at a national research firm. Prior to that, he worked at a prominent east coast child abuse agency, and GE Aerospace prior to their departure from Daytona Beach, Florida.

He opened a highly successful BBS in 1994 named Starship Sirius (later becoming Orbiter Online) in Daytona Beach, Florida, which now operates as only a low cost web hosting service. The system was successful enough to spawn the first online marriage ceremony in central Florida, and literally millions of hours spent in MajorMUD, Tradewars and many other games by thousands of users from all over the world.

      He considers himself a geek (and is proud of this fact). Married for fifteen years, he is now single again and enjoying life with his family and friends in Port Orange, Florida.


      In May of 2006, he began seriously contributing to Wikipedia, both creating new entries as well as editing existing ones for items such as:

      Some of the websites he currently hosts (most of which he is also webmaster for) include:

      Some of the noteworthy websites he previously hosted and/or maintained include:

      He also has a vast comic book collection which he began accumulating when he was in grade school and, except for a brief period in his early marriage (1988~1995) where money was not as abundant, he has collected ever since. It took twenty years for comic books to become a mainstream, acceptable medium it seems, but he's never let peer pressure bother him.

      He is also a lover of the arts, especially music and theater. He played trumpet while growing up (and has recently begun reviving his skills slowly in an attempt to prepare for a quintet with The Mighty Four in May of 2008, when all four of them are in high school together). He's dabbled with the drums, keyboard and guitar, and has played french horn, alto horn, baritone. He was accepted into the Dodger Stadium Honor Band in high school, as well as the to the Tournament Of Roses parade honor band twice.


      For more information about Anthony and his family, visit their website here.