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Smiley head happy.png This user is still naïvely want to improve this world for something better.

It's funny thing. Some azeri user [[1]] wishing for me to be banned and sais that I was created some another accounts, mention some name Magotteers (as I know offencive word in azerbaijani). He believe that the fact that Armenians and Russians who lived in Baku called district Armenikend as Armenikend is a nonsense because as he think Ermanikend is more suitable for Armenians to call that Armenian quarter in Baku. This user was twice awarded for any deeds. So I'm gonna wait for decision from administrators. Either I'll be baned because of funny accusations of this honoured demagogue, or my efforts to make people more cognizant in the questions that states like turkey doing everything to misinform, twist and perjury by avery possible ways. Life is an endless struggle when right people win only in movies and folktales. World belongs to liers, criminals, misanthrops and sycophants who bought the masks of honest people. WELLCOME TO REALITY.