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Resolved (Qaasim Middleton, Parents: Keith Middleton & Toni Seawright)
Resolved (Past Miss Mississippi Royalty with Toni Seawright Miss Mississppi 1987) (NY Times Article) (NY Times article about 1st Black Mississippi, Toni Seawright)
Resolved (Miss America Delegates) (Former Miss America Pageant Runner-ups, Toni Seawright 4th Runner-up Miss America, 1987-88)
Resolved (Miss Mississippi Website with Past royalty, Toni Seawright (1987) (Wapedia's website, with Miss Mississippi Past Royalt, Toni Seawright 1987 Miss Mississippi) (Miss MS past royalties in '80's) (Past queens, Toni Seawright 1987) (Toni Seawright, 1987, Miss Mississippi),9171,965978,00.html (article in Time Magazine) (TIME article about Mississippi selecting 1st Black representatyeve to Miss Mississippi 1987)
Resolved (Article about a book written by Bill Minor concerning A 50 year Chronicle of Change in Mississippi and his dedication for the selection of Ms. Seawright) (Ms. Seawright's inclusion of Famous Alums from Mississippi University for Women-her alma mater) (Toni Seawright's alma mater) (Toni Seawright, Miss Mississippi Pageant Board) (Miss America, Miss Mississippi past royalty on Wapedia) (photo and appearance of Toni Seawright at the dedication of the John C. Stennis space center w/Gov. Ray Mabus) (Toni Seawright's alma mater),%20Accomplishments.pdf (Toni Seawright) (list of Famous Mississipians),+Miss+Mississippi&cd=38&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us (Name entered in Celebrities named Toni) (Toni Seawright, Miss Mississippi) (Toni Seawright Alum of Mississippi University for Women) (Toni Seawright's credits on the Naked Brothers Band in "Mystery Girl" as Qaasim's Mom and Dancing Teacher) (Toni Seawright's credits as Qaasim's Mom in the Naked Brothers Band Episode "Everybody's Cried At least Once")
Resolved,+Miss+Mississippi&cd=18&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us (Toni Seawright in "Hear Our Voice" Benefit for Children's Brain Cancer Foundation in tri-state area),+Miss+Mississippi&cd=33&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us (Toni Seawright in Ping Chong and Talvin Wilke's "Delta Rising"),+Miss+Mississippi&cd=35&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us (Toni Seawright in The Delta Rising, Mississippi Project showcase) (Toni Seawright in "Delta Rising"),+Miss+Mississippi&cd=40&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us (Article on "Hear Our Song" a regional production dedicated as benefit performances for Children Brain Cancers & Tumors and other causes) (Article mentioning Toni Seawright on the EUR WEB) (includes Broadway and touring credits) (Hear Our Song review with Toni Seawright) (New York Times review of "The Wiz) (Josn/Satchel Requiem).,+Miss+Mississippi&cd=25&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us (House Music Project released Internationally By Ms. Seawright) (Toni Seawright's Traxs) (celebrities named Toni) (List of Toni Seawright projects) (vocals for RuPaul) (backing vocals for Shaggy) (Toni Seawright as backing vocalist for new and upcoming artist Kristen Maxfield) (Toni Seawright as a singer/songwriter/composer) (Bill Minor's review about his 50 Year Chronicle to Change in Mississippi and his dedication to the selection of Ms. Toni Seawright for Miss Mississippi. (NY Times article referencing Toni Seawright's win)