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Hi. Good day!

I'm Abraham Darius S. Llave, XX years old, single and available. (LOL). Tall, dark BUT NOT handsome. ( :foreveralone: )

I hail from the Republic of the Philippines and was a trying-hard bioninformatician (or is "-st"?) at the International Rice Research Institute. I was with the C4 Rice Center working with the Bioinformatics Team to help in the C4 Rice Project. Moved temporarily to the Consortium for Unfavorable Rice Environments (CURE) projects for a while before altogether leaving IRRI. Thought about the meaning of life for a few months and moved to a software engineering job (finally), focusing on Perl-based software.

In relation, I would like to categorically state that all statements/textual content is a result of I acting solely on my own - except when explicitly stated, never in anyway do they represent the position of any other person, company or entity in the general sense, including but not limited to : my previous and former employer, university, professors.

I'm here to finally join contributing to the free flow of easily-accessed information, as I have appreciated on reading hundreds if not thousands of Wikipedia articles ever.

Online profiles:

Website: Captain Llave under Los Banos-Makati conditions





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