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As defined at WP:PROJ, a WikiProject is a collection of pages devoted to the management of a specific topic or family of topics within Wikipedia; and, simultaneously, a group of editors who use those pages to collaborate on encyclopedic work.

WikiProjects are a critical and essential tool for initiating collaborative work on any given topic; normally, these topics range from general things such as WikiProject Mathematics to the more humorous WikiProject Antarctica Highways.

Country-oriented projects such as WikiProject Australia, WikiProject Canada, WikiProject India etc. have further subset groups of WikiProjects, based on national music, literature, sports, law, subdivisional territories, cities, districts, regions etc.

From many Wikipedians' point of view, and philosophy, such projects can allow more better coordination, management and organisation of content, through the initialisation of this productive and professional approach to editing. Acejet (talk) 13:54, 8 January 2010 (UTC)