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Hello! I am ActivExpression! I will be helping on edits to help improve Wikipedia! Please feel free to sign my Guestbook! I have only been editing since July 23, 2009. I'll do the best I can do! Go to Awards if you want to give me an award! I've been dealing with vandalism using Huggle. I've also been doing massive amounts of reverting using Huggle. I'm also using AutoWikiBrowser as a tool. I'll be glad to help you and make Wikipedia a better encylopedia by improving all the articles. I'm going to try and make some other articles as a featured article. Please feel free to improve my userpage. No vandalism please. If you edit my userpage, on your edit summary, please write why you added that or deleted that. Thanks!

Alternate Accounts[edit]

  1. Beaver Lake Bulldogs (Not In Use) (Blocked)
  2. Killerprey23 (Blocked)

Bot (Manually)[edit]

  1. ThinkerBot

Family Members[edit]

  1. MC10
  2. Madden NFL 21


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