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Ahm, Hullo! I'm Aeru Amo.. I'm a newbie, hehe. I'm otherwise known as Emi. But considering that I won't be contributing often to Wiki, that you won't really need to know that. I live in Lexington, Kentucky in the United States.

I suppose my Userpage is also a Sandbox for me, so ignore my nonsense. (Also a big thank you to all the user pages I stealthily looked upon for an example!)


  • I normally only use this site to look up things I need, and or, want to know about. It's very useful to me. And I love it so much that I thought I'd join it to help contribute. (Although it may not be so often.)


  • I also happen to write and read quite a lot in my spare time. I draw things too.
  • I really think that more people ought to learn how to speak it properly too.Not saying that to be mean or anything, but people whom speak it as their first language..?
    • I'm an obsessor of Grammar, one could say. Ha.


  • As of now, I have none. Hopefully though, this will change. :))

Random Tidbit[edit]

  • I totally worked on this in my spare time inside school, go me!

It's helping me to figure out the style of coding Wikipedia uses so, all is good.