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About Me[edit]

I am 26 years old Native American, and currently reside in Northern Minnesota. I am an amateur Graphics / 3D Designer, and am currently working on a short movie, which I have chosen to do entirely with opensource tools.

Goals As A Wikipedian[edit]

I plan on focusing on entertainment articles, mainly. I would like to expand on the Dark Angel article as well as fill out its episode list. It is my favourite television show, so I think I am the man for this particular article.

I would also like to lend my knowledge to Wikipedia regarding my hometown of Redlake, Minnesota. The article is in disarray, and doesn't really do justice to the history or the people of Redlake. I may take this up as my first task, although I am itching to watch my show, again - both seasons.

Background with Wikipedia[edit]

I came across this site about two years ago, while searching for alternatives to Notepad. I found this page and I have been coming back ever since. When I am bored I often hit the Random Page link along the side there, and expand my horizons. I have edited some articles over the last two years, anonymously. And, I finally decided to join up and pitch in.

Some of my favourite articles

  • Hong Kong - I so want to visit this place, and will someday.
  • Casablanca (movie) - This is my favourite film, ever.
  • Humphrey Bogart - My favorite actor, and another Featured Article here on Wikipedia.
  • Marilyn Monroe - My favourite actress, and a damned good read.
  • Cats & Kittens - I have been raising cats nearly all my life, and there is stuff in here even I didn't know.

Other Plans[edit]

Next year I move to Japan, which owns! I am currently learning Japanese and should be able to provide some translations, as my knowledge of this beautiful language professes.