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In his recent book, Rich Kids, the inside story of One.Tel’s meteoric rise and fall, a tale of chaos, incompetence, greed and deceit, Paul Barry delivers an explosive account of one of Australia’s biggest corporate collapses. Barry will be MUPRA’s guest speaker on Wednesday 18 September, 1.00pm to 2.00pm in W5A T2. All staff and students welcome.

Formerly a journalist with the BBC, Paul Barry came to Australia in 1987 to work for ABC’s Four Corners. One of his most controversial reports was on businessman Alan Bond. This led to the publication of his bestseller, The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond. Since then, his work as an investigative journalist has won numerous awards.

Paul Barry - former ABC heavyweight moved to Witness on Channel 7 and back to the ABC for Media Watch and then Channel Nine.

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1. Alphonse Gangitano, 40 - Gangster Shot dead in the laundry of his Templestowe home - January 16, 1998 Sunday program claim Jason Moran was responsible for the killing

2. John Furlan, 48 Bombed in his car in North Coburg - August 3, 1998

3. Charles "Mad Charlie" Hegyaljie, 42 - Notorious criminal Found shot dead in the front yard of his home in Caulfield South - November 23, 1998 Believed drug or debt-related

4. Vince Mannella - Former employer of Victor Peirce Shot outside his Fitzroy North home - January 9, 1999 Underworld power struggle suspected

5. Joseph Quadara, 57 - Bankrupt fruiterer Gunned down in a supermarket car park in Toorak - May 28, 1999

6. Dimitrios Belias, 38 - Brighton businessman Shot in underground St Kilda car park - September 9, 1999

7. Gerardo Mannella, 31 Shot in a North Fitzroy street after talking to and trying to escape from two men - October 20, 1999 Possibly killed by rivals who thought he planned to avenge brother's murder (see above).

8. Francesco Benvenuto, 52 - Melbourne Fruit and Vegetable Market wholesaler (Victor Peirce's friend and Moran associate) Found shot dead at the wheel of his car in Beaumaris - May 8, 2000

9. Richard Mladenich, 37 - Career criminal Shot dead in a St Kilda motel room in front of three other people - May 16, 2000

10. Mark Moran, 36 - Jason Moran's half-brother Shot dead after getting out of his car outside his Aberfeldie home - June 15, 2000 Suspect Andrew Veniamin - possibly pay back for the killing of Benvenuto (above)

11. Dino Dibra, 25 - Drug dealer Shot outside his Sunshine West home - October 14, 2000 No. 1 suspect Andrew Veniamin

12. Victor Peirce, 42 - Career criminal, acquitted of the 1988 Walsh St police murders Shot in his car in Bay Street, Port Melbourne - May 1, 2002 Suspect Andrew Veniamin

13. Paul Kallipolitis - Drug dealer Body of found shot dead in his Sunshine West home - October 15, 2002 No. 1 suspect Andrew Veniamin

14. Nik "The Russian" Radev - Standover man and drug dealer Shot repeatedly in the head and chest in Queen Street, Coburg - April 15, 2003 No. 1 suspect Andrew Veniamin

15. Jason Moran, 36 - Drug trafficker Shot in a van at a football clinic at Essendon North with five children in the back - June 21, 2003 Suspect Victor Brincat - possible as a payback for the death of Victor Peirce

16. Pasquale Barbaro, 40 - standover man Shot in a van at a football clinic at Essendon North with five children in the back - June 21, 2003 Suspect Victor Brincat

17. Willy Thompson, 39 Shot in his car after leaving the Extreme Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling club in Chadstone - July 21, 2003

18. Mark Mallia, 30 - Radve enforcer The charred remains of Mallia were found in a drain in West Sunshine - August 18, 2003 No. 1 suspect Andrew Veniamin

19. Housam Zayat, 32 - Violent criminal Forced from his car and shot dead in a paddock near Werribee - September 11, 2003 Nicholas Ibrahim charged

20. Michael Marshall - kick boxer and hotdog dealer Shot getting out of his car outside his South Yarra home in front of his five-year-old son - October 25, 2003 Victor Brincat and Thomas Hentschel have been charged with the killing

21. Graham "The Munster" Kinniburgh, 62 - veteran safebreaker and standover man Ambushed and shot returning to his home in Kew, but Kinniburgh got a shot off at his assailant before dying - December 13, 2003 No. 1 suspect Andrew Veniamin

22. Andrew "Benji" Veniamin, 28 - hitman Shot at La Porcella restaurant in Carlton - 23 March 2004 Allegedly shot by Dominic "Mick" Gatto, 48