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My name is Aidan I am a 35 year old male and live in Australia.

I have a degree in electrical engineering from Queensland university of Technology.

I hate scientific testing on animals. This is disgraceful.

In left brain/right brain dominance tests I can alternate between both left and right sides but my bias is mostly toward the right side and I am trying to correct this imbalance.

My highschool moto was "scientia est potestas" which translates to knowledge is power. I now believe this to be a psuedosophy (false wisdom).

Im a believer in the existence of UFOs and that aliens and other ETs have visited Earth. See Bob Lazar.

I believe in God, who I call the "the great spirit". My spiritual beliefs include the existence of astral travel, the human aura and synchronicity.

My main contribution to wikipedia so far is the modern times section of Doctrine of Signatures which got deleted by other editors.

Thanks for reading, Aidan.