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Another Gallup, designated for not only teenagers, has revealed that around 5 [2]

According to another set of Gallup polls, designated towards all Americans, in 1994, 72% of Americans said they believed in angels, in 2004, 78% of Americans indicated belief in angels, with the percentage of Americans that did not believe in angels dropping from 15% to 10%, and the percentage of Americans that were "not sure" dropping from 13% to 11%.[1][2]

"Ahh, thou art a brash one, Thor. Thou speakest as thy father did, in his youth. The world was young then, Thunder God. Odin did protest the need for death - and but learned - thou cannot protest that which only is." [3][4]

After Johnny Blaze, a human empowered by Heaven's Spirits of Vengeance, is brutally slain by members of the Hand clan, he appears in a white void, where God tells him, "No. You are needed." and sends him back into the mortal realm, bolstering his assault with angelic reinforcements that quickly slaughter most of the ninjas of the Hand.


Morgan le Fay vaguely refers to this entity as monotheism begins to spread across medieval Europe and began to supplant worship of Gaea, recounting that faith in the Mother Goddess unraveled as the cults of the Sky Father and the Resurrected Sun grew stronger, with Merlin himself embracing Christianity. When Morgan fought the change, Merlin, having already sworn "new oaths to new gods", laughed at her, "And will you stop the moon from rising, my Lady le Fay?"[5]

Mephisto, having clashed with many heavenly angels in the past, ranging from Uriel (over the soul of Noble Kale), to the Spirit of Christmas (embodiment of Christmas itself), has also at times made mention to a higher power, such as when he claimed to Topaz that "He" had forced him to reveal Topaz her true potential and destroy him,[6] and when he mentioned to Peter Parker and Mary Jane that erasing their marriage, made holy in "the eyes of He who I hate most" would be a triumph beyond all others for him.

Hello. While, uh, the talk page is really supposed to be used for discussion improving the article, I will say this: The name Yahweh is a confirmed name of the Judeo-Christian God in Marvel Comics. Christ-like figures have appeared sporadically throughout history of Marvel Comics. Aidoflight (talk) 00:00, 21 January 2011 (UTC)

A love like yours comes about but once in a millenia and to take that away from him, to deny him, is a victory like none other imaginable."

The genius-level villain Tomi Shishido, known as "the Gorgon", devised a mathematical formula allegedly proving the existence of "God", without question, at the age of thirteen.[7]

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