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  I am an Iranian and live in a middle city .

I have a few researches about astrophysics and traffic ,I am interested to physics course .

never turned off this light and candle of learning and reading books and research in my hart. I hope to go on.

I will give you some information here:

my recent articles:       

1)introduction  to  research about the effect  of the solar wind on formation 

of outer planets and comets and Kuiper belt (reconstructing standard model of solar system formation)

      Author :Akbar mohammadzade*                     
*Iran university of science and technology 

 2) An introduction to  geometric explanation  of  solar wind movement and 

direction after Jovian planets orbital Author :Akbar Mohammadzade

                     Iran university of science and technology

3)Evaluation of temperature –distance from sun diagrams material distribution of planets in solar systemAuthor :Akbar Mohammadzade

Iran university of science and technology (IUST)

4) Solar CNO cycle and it’s effect on the formation of planets and moons and Kuiper belt

Author :Akbar Mohammadzade</nowiki>

An introduction to studies about the effect of solar wind and solar CNO cycle on opposite rotating of Venus Author: Akbarmohammadzade Iran University of Science and Technology

Analysis of response phase space of wave function of gas cloud spinning disk on the Birkhoff theorem Mohammad Akbar 1 1 University of Science and Technology, Iran


        The process of pre-stellar cloud density in the mass conversion flat disk space resulting angular momentum of the cloud particles fall to the center of the star system in the meantime in parallel to the central star T –Tauri  and a gradual increase gravitational fields Birkhoff with the use of case Mach's principle has been studied and calculation results show the influence of the gravitational field of the gas cloud in the remodeling of the remaining tablets should be clear on an increase in the flat that periodically the static longitudinal wave of zero and a maximum of the will display.

PACS No. 96.60 16.Trip generation model with using factor of ICT facilities by citizen (case study Ardabil) Author: Akbar Mohammad Zade Iran university of science and technology

12.An introduction to researches about the effect of development of information and communication technologies on reduction of trip generation of citizen Author :akbar mohammadzade Iran university of science and technology

1.A Case Study on the Effects of the Solar Wind and Solar CNO Cycle on the Formation of Jovian Planets and Comets - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/4000#sthash.t3lQ7VdC.dpuf

2.An Introduction to Studies of the Effect of Solar Wind and CNO Cycles on the Retrograde Rotation of Venus - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/4029#sthash.TScpH7dE.dpuf

3.Analytical mechanics calculations for finding reasons of retrograde opposite and slow rotation of Venus - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/4189#sthash.czvp5Tpj.dpuf 4. A suitable solution for finding transposition phase of exchanging solar wind ions to chemical molecules ,H2O,NH3,CH4 - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/4526#sthash.2eOQscwJ.dpuf

5.Vector analysis of solar wind blowing model for finding main reason of huge axial tilt of Uranus - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/4950#sthash.BLwRipCK.dpuf

6.Reverse damped vibration mode for modeling planetary system arrangement in gravity field by Titus –bode low - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/5264#sthash.8SxIjcRs.dpuf

7.A suitable solution for finding transposition phase of exchanging solar wind ions to chemical molecules ,H2O,NH3,CH4 - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/5265#sthash.N6PF1DW1.dpuf

8.Modeling rotating collapsing proto planetary disk matter oscillation with longitudinal wave function for determining Titus- bode law - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/5881#sthash.ukaN0vYq.dpuf

9.On the effects of solar wind on planetary and satellites system formation - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/5976#sthash.Lr5WaUEQ.dpuf

10.A case study on gathering observational data collected in case solar wind and solar CNO cycle with planetary system formation theory - See more at:$cat_name%7D/View/6022#sthash.GMeYrRcy.dpuf