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Hi! My name is Akiko. I'm a student of Kumamoto Gakuen University.

Suizenji (水前寺)[edit]

Suizenji is a town of Kumamoto city. This town has many sightseening spots and station, some prefectural offices.

  • Around Suizenji map[[1]]

Suizenji jyôjyuen(水前寺成趣園)[edit]

This is a histrical park of Kumamoto. There are shrine and beautiful Japanese garden, some shops.

  • Around Suizenji jyôjyuen map[[2]]
  • extra link about Suizenji jyôjyuen(水前寺成趣園) in English[[3]]
  • Suizenji Omotesando: shopping arcade for Kumamoto local souvenir[[4]]

Suizenji sightseeing center(水前寺観光センター)[edit]

This has a gift shop and restaurant by the entrance of Suizenji jyôjuen(水前寺成趣園). You can buy souvenir and eat local dishes of Kumamoto. Also, you can see how to make a rice cracker.

  • extra link for sightseening in Kumamoto in English[[5]]

Restaurants near Suizenji jyôjyuen[edit]

  • Suizenji Tokubei(水前寺 徳兵衛)

Japanese food restaurant

lunch: from 800yen. lunch course is from 1500 to 3000yen

dinner: Matsugozen(松御膳) is from 2000yen


open time: from am 11:00 to pm 2:00, from pm 4:30 to pm 9:30

  • Azumasushi(東寿司)

sushi restaurant


Nigiri sushi is from 900yen

steamed sushi is 1000yen(specialize menu:from November to March)

Okonomi Nigiri sushi(10 sushis) are 3000yen.


open time: from am 11:00 to pm 9:30

  • Japanese suiôken(和食 水公園)

Kumamoto' local dishes restaurant

price:from 3000yen(need reservation)


open time: from am 11:00 to pm 9:00

Access map[edit]

  • Suizenji station[[6]]