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Yes, I'm Alden Loveshade. I'm a freelance writer and photographer, and hope to make a contribution or two here and there. I can't do too much here, or my editors will expect me to write for free!

If you check, you'll learn I've made few contributions to Wikipedia under this name, yet hopefully halfway sound like I know what I'm doing. Let me make it clear that I've edited several wikis, including H2G2 which I edited before Wikipedia ripped us off existed. This was back in the day when Douglas Adams was in charge, (may the Great Green Arkleseizure bless his soul). I've edited here under IP numbers, a named account that's now closed, and started and majorly revised several articles here I'll never get credited for. Oh well.

You can learn more about me by going to The Loveshade Family, see how biased I and cohorts are by checking out The Loveshade Family Blog, and learn a little about me personally at Alden Loveshade.

A few things I've professionally published or been published in[edit]

Reverend Loveshade's Alan Moore-, Rev. Ivan Stang-, and Robert Anton Wilson-praised collection Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht. I'm credited in it, but that wasn't me it was my evil twin.

Top 5 Ways to Tread Water: Treading Water Could Save Your Life which I wrote for Yahoo! Sports.

America's Largest Sex Discrimination Case Reaches Supreme Court which I wrote for Yahoo! News.

More articles I wrote for Yahoo!

"Blood Lust and Innocence," a vampire "poem in prose form" was published by Hungur Magazine in November 2011.

I was also a credited playtester for the award-winning GURPS Social Engineering which came out in October 2011.

Plus hundreds of articles and photos here and there.


I just saw this on a sysop's page:

"Being civil is the recognition that those you interact with are also human beings and deserve to be treated as such. It means striving to not demean or attack, to remain polite (yes, politeness is superficial, but it's also important), to listen, and to accept. It means being able to agree to disagree, and that the 'other' isn't a moron because they disagree with you. Maybe they're wrong. Maybe you are. Are you a moron because you were wrong?

"It doesn't mean never losing your temper; it means not treating people you're angry with like crap. You don't have to call someone an 'idiot' to treat them like idiots. Being rough around the edges or using strong language isn't a problem, routinely telling people you disagree with to 'fuck off' is – not because you used the word 'fuck', but because it shows lack of respect.

"In the end, it's all about treating other editors as peers, not as plebs that can't possibly understand your genius, or as adversaries. That is what the civility pillar is about: work with each other."

-- Coren