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Qualifications: B.Sc. (Joint Hons) Zoology/Pharmacology. Nottingham University 1981. P.G.C.E. (Biology with Maths) Nottingham University 1982 M.Sc. (With distinction, Human Evolution and Behaviour, specialising in Wading in Hominoidae) UCL 2000. Microsoft Certified Trainer and Database Administrator.

'Career': 1982: Employed by Notts LEA as teacher of Biology, Mathematics and Computer Studies 1984: Employed by British Airways as a PL/1 programmer. 1986: Employed by Metier Management Systems as a Trainer/Consultant of Project Management Software. 1988: Employed by Ashton tate as a Trainer/Consultant of SQL Server and dBase IV 1990: Self-Employed database consultant. Wrote the first course materials for Microsoft Access for Microsoft (UK). Gave courses for Microsoft, Sybase and many training companies on MS SQL Server and Microsoft Access. 2003: Self-employed database consultant currently trading as "Access and SQL Server Databases". 2003: Began PhD at UWA "A Wading Component in the Origin of Hominid Bipedality. 2007: Started helping tutor 1st year Human Biology/Anatomy students at UWA. 2010: Joined the Center for Forensic Science (UWA) as a part-time research associate. 2013: Regained Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) status. 2015: Finally completed and handed in PhD thesis.

Current Occupations: Full-time (attempted) Husband and father of four. Part-time Database Instructor, programmer and DBA (Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access). Part-time Tutor at Human Anatomy and Physiology, UWA. Very Part-time (attempted) House husband.

Hobbies/Obsessions: 1967 Athiest astronomer (inspired by the Apollo space program, became an atheist at the age of 8.) 1968 Aspiring young lepidopterist (Collector of local butterfly species.) 1970 Football (As a 15 year old season ticket holder, witnessed the transformation of Nottingham Forest by Brian Clough.) 1977 Drinking alcohol began in the 6th form and, despite a couple of periods on/off "the waggon", having a few pints of good ale in a great pub still ranks as my no. 1 pass time. 1982 Born again Lithuanian (Political activist, writer, choir (!) and dance group member.) 1987 Married the most wonderful, beautiful, kind, loving woman in the world, Lesley Jane, and began a family wih her. 1995 A question on bonfire night 1995: 'Dad, who were the first people to make fire?' and my ignorance of the answer rekindled a renewed fascination in human origins. Daughter's home birth, with the aid of a birthing tub, insipred a fascination for the AAH. The lack of treatment of it in university level texts only made me more determined to find out why. No answers found yet other than ignorance and peer pressure to ridicule it. 2003 Snorkelling and the great outdoor life after emigrating to Australia. 2006 Outrageously tardily, discovered the best band in the world: The Manic Street Preachers. 2010-11 Saw England retain the ashes in Australia. 2012 Went to Euro 2012 Poland/Ukraine 2014 Went to the World Cup in Brazil


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