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Euro coins and banknotes of various denominations.
Euro coins and banknotes of various denominations.

This page is dedicated to Sergey Aleynikov

Inside an IBM System z9 mainframe

The only person who went to jail in the financial crisis

A former computer programmer, if not the best when he was at Goldman Sachs.

Abacus mortgage-backed CDOs, shorted by a former treasury secretary who does not go to jail, Henry Paulson

The case against Sergey Aleynikov is best depicted in Flash Boys.

   In December 2010 he was convicted of two counts of theft of trade secrets and sentenced to 97 months in prison. In February 2012 his conviction was overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that entered a judgement of acquittal, reversing the decision of the District court, and ordering his immediate release.

The biggest irony is the former head of the United States Secretary of the Treasury and someone in a position to sign his name on the money, Paulson actually set up a fund with Goldman Sachs and bet against it. never did a day in jail and all the while, the arrest of Sergey Aleynikov was only done after the tip to the FBI from Goldman. The best way to get the full story is to read Flash Boys.

this page is dedicated to Sergey Aleynikov !!

Al Capone's cell at Eastern State Penitentiary.

Sergey Aleynikov[edit]

==Flash Boys== Una revuelta Wall Street es un libro de no ficción del escritor estadounidense Michael Lewis, publicado por WW Norton & Company, el 31 de marzo de 2014.

Sergey Aleynikov es un ex- Goldman Sachs programador y el único que se enviará a la cárcel en el Crisis financiera de 2008. Hay un capítulo completo en el libro Flash Boys, dedicado a Sergey Aleyniko, escritor estadounidense Michael Lewis entra en detalle completo.


El libro se centra en varias personas, incluyendo Sergey Aleynikov, un programador de una sola vez para Goldman Sachs, y Bradley Katsuyama, el fundador de IEX.[1]

Flash Boys comienza con la descripción de la nueva construcción de Spread Networks, un cable secreto de 827 kilómetros que corre a través de las montañas y debajo de los ríos bajo Chicago a Nueva Jersey que reduciría el viaje de datos de 17 a 13 milisegundos.[2]

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