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My name is Alice Kim. I am a digitization coordinator, instructor (English Composition and English as a Second Language), freelance editor, researcher, and writer in Honolulu, Hawaii. On Wikipedia, I edit and add information to articles relating to Hawaiian history, Korean culture, Korean-Americans, and Okinawan culture (and Asian culture in general) and upload images from historical Hawaii newspapers.

I just earned my Master of Arts degree in English and was pursuing a PhD degree in Communication and Information Sciences. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a management major with a marketing management emphasis and an English minor and a Master of Information Science degree.

My diverse academic and professional experiences interrelate in language, communication, and information. I live my life as an analyzer, information synthesizer/specialist, and writer through the following means:

  • I live to communicate with others, whether through speaking or writing--I need to express myself somehow.
  • I live to read and analyze how words and language interact with, reflect, and/or support our social/political conditions every day, how people communicate (verbally and non-verbally) to fulfill their needs, and how grammatical choices reflect personalities of people and organizations.
  • I live to obtain, organize, preserve, evaluate, and analyze information--from people's knowledge, observations, and memories and in print and digital form.
  • I live to learn. I keep myself informed and continually improve myself professionally and personally. Life would be boring and stagnant for me if I stopped.
  • I live to teach. Teaching well entails investing in students' progress, learning needs, fulfilling these needs, and facilitating active learning, application to real life, and life long learning. I encourage dialogic and collaborative learning for developing critical thinking skills, argumentative skills, and audience awareness. I teach not only to disseminate information and facilitate their professional development, but also to empower them. I aim to enable my students to develop themselves intellectually, personally, and socially and improve our society through rhetoric, analysis, and civic engagement.

On a personal note, I am an Asian American of Korean, Chinese, Mongolian, and Xiongnu descent. I descended from the clans of Andong Kim (안동김씨/安東金氏), Gyeongju Kim (경주김씨/慶州金氏), Gyeongju Choi (경주최씨), and Nungsong Ku (능성구씨/綾城具氏). According to these clans' histories, I likely have Chinese and Mongolian roots from over a thousand years ago. Among my ancestors were government officials, landowners, educators, medical professionals, and merchants, and many of my ancestors attained high levels of education for their times. Today, much of my extended family still serve in these roles and attain high levels of education, but now in a more modern, Westernized world. My living relatives live in Asia and the United States of America (Hawaii, California, and Georgia).

My Online Portfolio and Freelance Website: (I offer freelance services in editing, researching, and writing)

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