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    Well folks, it was fun while it lasted. Wikipedia started out as a great idea, and quickly turned into a madhouse of overlapping rules, egos and drama. After having my name dragged through the mud enough times I'm simply too drained to bother putting in any more effort to clean it up. I'll always remember the good times, the few weeks writing quality articles, and the long process of making them into FA's (before they became massacred on the front page thanks to our idiotic policy of not protecting the main page FA).

    It seems to me that lately 70% of our effort involves the creation of, and deletion of, gobs of mind numbingly useless and irrelevant trivia. Actor X appeared in Show Y with Actor Z from Series Q that used to be on Series R from Galaxy 11512 in Year Yekk. WIKIPEDIA IS AN ENCYCLOPEDIA FOLKS... look beyond your TV Guides and your noses and REMEMBER THAT FACT... please!!!

    I've met a lot of great people who seem to have their hearts in the right place, even if their egos aren't always. Jimbo and Larry's JOINT idea was great, and had real potential until reality set in. Clearly human psychology wasn't one of their strong suits... any group this massive is virtually guaranteed to collapse under the strain of the never ending battle of wills amongst users. Anyone who's ever read about the Stanford prison experiment would understand that eventually people who gain power will abuse it, I guess I myself sort of fell into that trap too. For that I'm sorry...

    It is clear to me no one (outside of arbcom itself) involved in my RFAR seems to give a rats ass about WP:AGF and any minor discretion is apparently just a sign that I'm involved in some giant conspiracy to take down Wikipedia ZOMG!

    As has been said many times before, Wikipedia is an asylum run by the inmates, and I for one am locking the door behind me when I leave. I will not be back to edit, as if my administrative judgement is so questionable, my writing must be too. No amount of begging and pleading (not that there's much chance of that) will bring me back. I will be back temporarily to vote on the candidates currently running for arbcom because there are several that most decidedly DO NOT BELONG THERE.

    I could continue writing a screed here tearing apart and pointing out the flaws in each process, but frankly, I don't give a shit anymore. Let Wikipedia collapse. Hopefully something better will rise from the ashes. Nupedia died... Wikipedia was created... Wikipedia dies... ???

    ...and now just to annoy User:Messedrocker who hates this template so much:

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