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Allolex (Damon Allen Davison)[edit]

I know about Linguistics (especially Romance since I have an MA in it), music, photography, and computers. I spend most of my spare time keeping my blog up-to-date or posting photos on Flickr.

I'm from Southern California, but currently live in London after over a decade in Germany. I run the IT department at Southern Records Ltd..

Other articles I have had a hand in[edit]

Prenzlauer Berg

My photos[edit]

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Wasserturm (Water Tower). The English Waterworks Company finished construction on this tower in 1875, designed by Henry Gill.

This is one I took while visiting friends in Berlin over Christmas 2004. The weather wasn't very pleasant, but it didn't stop us from doing a lot of walking around the various neighborhoods of Prenzlauer Berg.