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Area of expertise: Chess, History of Chess, Chess players´ biographies.

I have an extensive private library on this topic, so I am happy to provide references to many entries.

Also, although I am a native German speaker, I strive to correct obvious linguistic mistakes in articles.

Sadly, all too many articles seem to have been written / edited by non-native speakers of English who seem to have been using Babelfish or similar abominations. Authors should have a realistic appraisal of their level of proficiency in a foreign language. If you´re not sure, don´t write it at all or get help!

P.S. Of course native speakers are most welcome to correct my own mistakes. There´s much to be learnt.

If you like, visit my chessclub´s homepage: SV Oberbilk, a small club in my hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany.