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Recently, I put up a question on the WP:RD asking what to do if one has amnesia because I did and do. For whomever might happen to be concerned, I eventually did see both a health professional and a mental health professional. If one has amnesia, one should call a crisis line. They should be able to tell one where to go from there. Personally, I have some follow ups this week. I think things are going to be ok.

I am very amused that my first edits, not counting "anonymous" ones, were to Negligee. It was vandalism and then spelling. I do know that I want to write the article on banana pudding. There is or was a link to it from some article on food in the southern US. With or without the eggwhite fluff, banana pudding is a tradition, most often served indoor potlucks, holidays, and on most relatively inexpensive buffets I've seen from the Appalachians to the breadbasket. True, it is not quite as essential to the South as fried chicken, but is anything?

I will go around more first. I also will be attending to Real Life, that program we can't seem to turn off.

It's not so much where you go or what you do, the important part is enjoying the ride.