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Introduction In The Third Person[edit]

Andrea Jennifer Shubert is a digital game designer and producer.

She is 37 years old, and currently resides in Massachusetts.


  • Acrophobia was released by Berkeley Systems in November 1997 on the Bezerk network. I designed the game while in college and sold it to Berkeley after launching an IRC version years before.
  • Get The Picture was released by Berkeley Systems in 1998 on the Bezerk network. I was the lead game designer and assistant producer (they called me "director")
  • Star Trek: ConQuest Online was developed with Genetic Anomalies and published by Activision in March 2000. An expansion set named A Matter Of Time was released in June 2001. I served as lead game designer.
  • WWF With Authority! was developed with Genetic Anomalies and published by THQ and Jakks Pacific in February 2001. It was the first online wrestling trading card game. Several expansions were released over the next two years. In early 2002, the game was renamed "WWE With Authority!" I designed this game as well, and eventually took the title of producer.
  • Chron X was released in May 1997 by Genetic Anomalies. After beta testing the product, I was hired as associate producer one year later. When Genetic Anomalies closed in January 2003, I formed a company to continue the product. The game remains online now, having celebrated its tenth anniversary in May 2007. The game was sold to Darkened Sky Studios soon after the 10th Anniversary.
  • UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 (Xbox 360) was released in March 2007 by Electronic Arts Canada. I was an associate producer, specifically in charge of the game's collectible cards feature. (The first ever game console online card game with collecting and trading with other players.) See also: Metacritic page for the game.