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Andrius Kulikauskas Lietuvių kalba

My quest in life is to know everything and apply that knowledge usefully. I'm active as a thinker, artist and educator. See my website: and my online group: Living by Truth. From 1998 to 2010 I led the Minciu Sodas laboratory for independent thinkers around the world. I have a Ph.D. in Math.

Documenting Litvak and Lithuanian History

I'm Lithuanian. I want Wikipedia to have accurate and informative pages on Litvak and Lithuanian history so that we would have ample facts and could point to our shared history, reflect on it and learn from it, but especially, the Holocaust and the murder of Litvaks by Lithuanians. We need pages in both Lithuanian and English and perhaps in other languages as well. The Lithuanian pages have errors and omissions, and when I try to change the pages, my changes are typically reverted. So I ask for help that we might work as a group and, if needed, appeal to the broader international Wikipedia community.

Let's work together

Feel free to help with the to-do list below. I want to make sure there are pages in Lithuanian and English documenting:

  • Lithuanians who killed Litvaks or are alleged to have
  • Lithuanian organizations which facilitated the Holocaust
  • Litvaks to celebrate
  • Lithuanians to celebrate
  • Litvak institutions to celebrate
  • Lithuanian institutions to celebrate
  • aspects of Litvak culture
  • basic facts of the Holocaust
  • basic facts of Lithuanian history
    • Paneriai - there's no Lithuanian article on it!

and I think most important

  • pages supporting shared dreams, for example, about Vilnius's Great Synagogue, which might be rebuilt some day