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Angel of Music is the alibi I normally go by when I want to be honest and present work without being judged for who I am.

I am an undergrad student at the University of Auckland currently studying a BA with double majors in History and Anthropology and a BSc with double majors in Biological Sciences and Geography

In NZ undergrad degrees are 3 years long and I am about to start my third year of my BA in January but as I have been working on my BSc part time, although I'm starting my second year, I haven't actually done any of the core geography or biosci papers.

My specialisation within history has been global macrohistory in the period c.1750-1930 and especially with ideas of exploration; science; medicine; politics; war; peace & society; and comparative history for world powers.

My specialisation within anthropology has been with archaeology and biological anthropology and the areas where they meet. The course I have enjoyed the most has been in bioarchaeology with Melinda Allen, Judith Littleton and Andrew MacAlister.

I have also worked as a volunteer at the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the front of house and information desk areas. Although I am not currently there, I plan to return as a tour guide.