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Nair Learn before you write[edit]

Those who are busy editing this page may please read the following books. 1.A history of kerala,3 volumes by Prof.Elankulam kunjan pillai 2.One step forward three step backward:EMS 3.keralam malayalikalude mathrubhumi,EMS 4.keralathile jaathi vevasta,K.Damodaran These are accepted by Historians,different universities and Govt.If you are still serious you can visit the kerala and Tamilnadu archieolgical depts,Museums,and archieological sites.Many temple edicts give valuable information on the life and times of the people. Many foreign writers have misunderstood the malayalee culture.William logan,in Malabar manual depicts about the marriage of a brother and sister in Malabar state!Actually,it was the sister's marriage and the brother's thread ceremony conducted on the same day! when you give a citation,it should be one that is accepted by the Historians.Anyone can write anything but that is not an acceptable way of projecting the truth. . Nairs have lighter skins,. Carrying a sword and shield was not a prerogative of nairs but many communitie had been doing that... Yogakshema sabha says that they have nearly 9000members which means their percentage is less than 0.1%.How can a meek community like nambuthurris subjugate and dominate Nairs?? percentage of nairs are roughly 19% of malayalee population.(kerala public relations dept) Nairs were in the Army as wells in other services.who used to cook in nambuthiri and rich nair household?so they worked as soldiers,servants,stewards,adminstrators and so on,many were in agricultre also as farm hands.Many contradictions are there in the article.Nairs are bunts who came from Tulu nadu.Bunts are classifies as a backward caste in karnataka but if you knew that then you wouldnt tell that origin!what is the fun of rejecting the sudra tag?you hate it? there ware times when prostitution was considered as a deginifed profession in kerala,this is reflected in the works of unnai warriar and venmony mahan.who were those prostitutes?carrying a prostitute on the shoulder of a man was considered as an honur during the times.times have changed.finally,i have seen someone posting a derogatory remark about me.this is just a reflection of the quality of the contributers.If he thinks he is a warrior let him post his address also rather than remaining annonymous like a coward .

anil4773..address available on request.

the psuedo name palattu koman itself is synonimus with defeat! There were a class of people between nairs and kshtriyas.But NSS brought many of them were into its fold.For ex.,marar community,they were not nairs a 100 years ago so is the case with many surnames that are appearing as nair.anil4773{| class="wikita !-- Template from User:Kamope/Welcome -->