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Hi, everyone! I am really excited to be a editor on Wikipedia. Most of you guys probably know my father, donlammers. Anyway, as you can probably tell from my username, I love animals, and I am an expert, not to brag. If you have any questions about animals, please send them. I have no idea how to yet, but I'll figure it out eventually.

Some of my favorite animals are the platypus, colugo and flying squirrel, plus the hedgehog. My all time favorite animal is the ring-tailed lemur. They are all so adorable! I keep on learning about animals each day and I love looking up all kinds of animals. From the elusive clouded leopard to the flightless kakapo, I love all animals, except for blood-sucking bugs, like mosquitoes, leeches, and ticks, flies (except for the bee-fly), and cockroaches (except for the Madagascar hissing cockroach). Except for those animals, I want every single species to be protected!

Did you know that scientists estimate there are about 20 million species of animals and counting? Woah. The sad fact is that 99% of all species on earth have become extinct, some of which before we have even discovered yet. Luckily, there's still time to save a lot of species from disappearing forever! Again, if you have any questions (or pictures, I'll take any pictures!) about animals (except for the ones I hate, of course), send them to me. Also, check out my website, See ya, Animaldoctor