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Billy Halsey, originally from Wolfe County, Kentucky, currently lives in San Diego. An experimental fictionalist, his work tends toward the offensively horrific most times with occasional excursions into the uplifting and inspirational.

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My specialty with regard to Wikipedia is Wikification, copyediting, proofreading, linkification, and generally making things look right. Occasionally I add new content, but my focus is most often on improving the content that already exists. As such, feel free to engage me for any such tasks, especially the following which I list as having expertise or interest.

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I have worked in a variety of fields, including graphic design, supply chain management for one of the nation’s largest beef producers, computer security infrastructure at the US Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, Unix systems administration at the largest automobile plant in North America, and kernel software engineering for a key player in the high- and mid-range servers arena.

In 1999, I was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but I had been experiencing symptoms for quite some time before that. In 2002, my bipolar symptoms, as well as my circadian rhythm disorder, took the better part of me, and I became unable to work. For the next year, I continued to go in and out of work on medical leave, eventually staying out in 2003.


I am often lugubrious, persnickety, cantankerous, or sullen. Occasionally off-putting, standoffish, or otherwise isolating. Frequently self-deprecating.

In person, I'm often reticent, guarded, and anything but aureate. Occasionally, though, maniacal bursts of logorrhea and arrant ostentation make way for profuse behavior that, in retrospect, is devilishly cringeworthy.

Ontologically and theologically speaking, a gnostic, agnostic, existential, spiritual, Taoist-Quaker, concerned foremost with humanistic causes. I am an autoantonym.

Politically and socially, I am a democratic socialist with some traditional conservative beliefs. Still, a fair assessment would be to say “I am more leftist than you,” if you are such a reductionist to desire a one-dimensional view of political ideology.

I am a pedantic literatus, a fastidious (albeit prolix) conservator of prescriptive — and occasionally descriptive — grammar. With my eyes discerning and my mind perspicacious, no error goes unnoticed.

Random fact: I’ve been reading Infinite Jest for 13 months.

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(to varying degrees)

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Future areas of further exploration and deepening of knowledge include these.




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