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For the Wikiproject working on articles about atheism, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Atheism.

WikiAtheism is a philosophy held by many Wikipedians who are not deletionist, incrementalist, mergist, etc. They may agree with some, all, or none of the philosophies, but claim no particular one. Despite their independent doctrine, they can still get into editing disputes with other Wikipedians who suspect them of holding one of the philosophies based solely on one act of deletionism, incrementalism, or any other philosophy. They are some of the few Wikipedians who can get into editing disputes with deletionists and incrementalists at the same time, without being mergist.

Where to find them[edit]

Some WikiAtheists can be found all over recent changes, while some hold WikiGnomish qualities. Despite being put into Categories assigning them specific philosophies, they, in fact, when questioned about their association in a category, deny any specific affiliation with a category.