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This is a script to black out all potentially-offensive words in Wikipedia pages. It should have an extremely low rate of missing offensive words, although there is a risk of false positives.


Note that the installation instructions for this script are somewhat unusual.

First, copy this to your common.js:


Then copy this to your common.css:

@import url('//');


To uninstall, first remove the line added above from your common.css and then remove the line from your common.js. Due to the security feature where the CSS hides the page content until the censorship has been applied, if you remove the JS first then the page content will never be unhidden and you will have to disable JavaScript to be able to see any content (including the edit form).


This script has been tested and functions using the Vector skin in the following browsers:

  • Firefox 25.0
  • Safari 6.0
  • Chrome 31.0
  • IE 9.0 (poor performance on large articles)
  • IE 10.0+


  • If you become logged out, offensive text may be shown.
  • Highlighting text in the page will reveal the censored content in some browsers.
  • While offensive words in page titles are censored in the page itself, they will be displayed uncensored in the browser title bar, browser tab text, browser address bar, and/or the status bar when hovering over a link.
  • Offensive words in tooltips are not censored.
  • Offensive words generated by other scripts (e.g. WP:POPUPS) may not be censored.
  • Images are not censored. User:Anomie/hide-images may be used to hide potentially-offensive images.
  • Offensive ASCII art may still be offensive when blacked out.
  • Offensive content in the MediaWiki user interface is not censored.
  • This script may have false positives, i.e. hiding of words that are not actually offensive. This is a side effect of the script's extremely low false-negative rate.
  • Text in buttons may not be censored.