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The word Antariksawan is Bahasa Indonesia for English word Astronaut derived from word Antariksa which mean Space and suffix -wan which mean Man.

Antariksawan is also known in the net space as Pioneer. Since User with ID Pioneer has been actively contribute in other site Project nor used by other people as an ID, here in Wikipedia its known as Antariksawan.

To do list:[edit]

Adding (H games) list and pages:

  • White Album (ホワイトアルバム)
  • Butt touch! ~ Sawa-ass sister molestation story (触尻!~澤尻姉妹痴漢物語~)
  • Sandwiched by my wife and her sister (Shimai Donburi ~Jiru daku de~; 姉妹丼~汁だくで~)
  • Cross†Channel

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