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As of today I am no longer editing the Wikipedia.

In a past year or so Wikipedia has become overrun with editors that devote themselves solely to the enforcement of the policies. They tend to routinely destroy the content in the name of yet another WP:XXX compliance and it's nearly impossible to reason with them in their bureaucratic righteousness. It's hard to speculate what's driving them, but what's obvious is that they are missing a bigger picture.

The Wikipedia is all about collecting and structuring the information. Of course, the content needs to be properly sourced and formatted, but purging the information must be an action of an absolutely last resort. Deleting is easy, creating is hard.

Unfortunately too many people do not understand this. It's also unfortunate that Wikipedia's own editing policies are too ambiguous and they appear to endorse this destructive behavior. This needs to change, but given the state of affairs it is very unlikely to. For this reason I'm retiring the account.

Alex Pankratov (talk) 23:08, 3 January 2008 (UTC)