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Hello everyone. I've really been thinking about page deletion lately. I've talked about deletion criteria before here, but now I think that the method needs to be looked at too. At the moment the system is almost totally broken, so much so that a lot of people are so sucked in that they don't even notice. It's almost as if they have Stockholm syndrome. Still, the system should be changed.

Recently, the system has been getting even worse. the most striking example of this that I have seen relates to AACS and the 99206706771272430000 key. The way the deletion was handled was appalling, even by Wikipedia standards. The initial listing at AfD was the correct action, but speedily deleting it was a major breach of policy by a self righteous power mad administrator on the flimsiest legal grounds. The way that the deletion review was closed in violation of accepted practice and basic polite behavior is almost unbelievable. You people are administrators, not Wikimedia foundation lawyers. Wikipedia discussions are built on consensus not votes or the vague legal ideas of random administrators.