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In the fictional Warcraft Universe, The Scarlet Crusade is an organization of religious zealots who combat the undead (Scourge and Forsaken alike) that control Lordaeron. Their mission is the complete eradication of the undead from Lordaeron, so that it may be reclaimed by the humans and restored to its past glory. The Crusade was formed in the aftermath of Lordaeron's fall by Grand Inquisitor Isillien and High General Abbendis. In the course of eradicating the undead, the Crusade has killed countless innocents suspected of carrying the plague of undeath. In their madness, the Crusaders have failed to recognize that they are following the same path that led to Arthas's fall from grace.


History of the Crusade

After Sir Uther Lightbringer was betrayed and killed by his former apprentice Arthas, the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand was decimated by the Scourge's undead armies and ceased to exist. The few surviving Knights of the Silver Hand remained in Lordaeron, destroying what undead they could.

Isillien and Abbendis, both formerly high-ranking officials of the Silver Hand, were amongst the survivors. Despite the fact that both were quite insane, they managed to attract warriors to their holy cause of eradicating the undead. They were soon joined by the paladin Taelan Fordring, one of Isillien's protégés, who offered his family's keep and lands as a base of operations for the Crusade.

After a one month quarantine of the Crusade's warriors and priests to ensure that there were no Scourge infiltrators amongst the crusaders, the Scarlet Crusade began hunting the undead in earnest. Abbendis took most of the Crusaders with him to Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands, from which the Crusade struck at the undead controlling the city of Stratholme, once the headquarters of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

In the course of fighting the undead, the Crusade killed countless refugees fleeing the horrors of the Scourge. The madness and zealotry of the Crusaders causes them to regard any non-Crusader as undead, carriers of the Scourge's plague of undeath, or even undead sympathizers, and thus deserving of death. As a result of these indiscriminate killings, travelers are advised to stay clear of Crusaders, while the Alliance and the Church of Holy Light, despite being considered allies by the Scarlet Crusade, distance thmselves from the Crusade's activities.


The Crusade has approximately 12000 members, most of them based in Tyr's Hand, as Isillien has declared the Eastern Plaguelands to be the focus of the Crusade's attacks. Many of the Crusaders have seen loved ones struck down, only to rise up again as mindless undead. The Crusade is organized along military lines, with Highlord Abbendis commanding the military operations, while Grand Inquisitor Issilien leads the priests in the questioning and torture of suspected undead.

Those that have battled undead rise quickly through the ranks. Dissent is not tolerated, for the Crusaders cannot understand how any reasonable human might be opposed to the Crusade's actions against the undead. As a result, while the Crusaders may not be in complete agreement over how they accomplish their goals, they are kept in line by fear of their superiors' wrath.

Bases of Operation

The Scarlet Crusade operates several bases throughout the Plaguelands and Tirisfal Glade.

The Scarlet Crusade stronghold of Hearthglen in the Western Plaguelands.


Located in the north of the Western Plaguelands, this rural community was once the Fordring family's ancestral holdings. It was offered by Taelan Fordring to the Crusade for use as the headquarters of the Western wing of the Crusade. It is currently commanded by Grand Inquisitor Isillien and Highlord Taelan Fordring.

The Scarlet Monastery

Located in Tirisfal Glade, the Monastery served as a center of knowledge, learning, and the Holy Lightm in Lordaeron before the Third War and the coming of the Scourge. With the rise of the undead, it was converted into one of the Scarlet Crusade's major strongholds. It is currently commanded by High Inquisitor Whitemane and her champion, Scarlet Commander Mograine.


A small contingent of Abbendis's troops, led by Grand Crusader Dethrohan, managed to wrest control of Stratholme's cathedral from the undead roaming the city. From there, they strike against the udnead controlling the vast majority of Stratholme. Unbeknownst to the Crusaders, Dethrohan is possessed by the demonic dreadlord Balnazzar.

File:Tyr's Hand.jpg
The Scarlet Crusade stronghold of Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Tyr's Hand

A small community in the Eastern Plaguelands, it serves as the main base of operations for the Eastern wing of the Crusade. High General Abbendis took the majority of the Crusade's soldiers there in order to strike at the Scourge-controlled city of Stratholme.