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Hi! I joined Wikipedia several months ago, but I just recently began contributing on July 11, 2008! I play guitar in the band Love On Her Arms, which is a local band in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is where I live. Yes, I'm only 13. Who cares?

My Articles[edit]

I am currently working on articles for several powerpop and pop-punk bands and their albums/songs. I will soon begin writing articles about other subjects, but right now I believe that the quality of articles about these musicians is not very good. I am open to suggestions! Please tell me if there are any articles about powerpop or pop-punk bands that you believe need to be fixed up!


Discovery Channel[edit]

Smash Lab[edit]

  1. Smash Lab (Improved)
  2. List of Smash Lab episodes (Created)


Photo Finish Records[edit]

  1. Photo Finish Records (Coming soon!)


  1. 3OH!3 (Improved)
  2. Want (Improved)

Danger Radio[edit]

  1. Danger Radio (Improved)
  2. Used & Abused (Created)
  3. "So Far Gone" (Created)
  4. "Slow Dance With A Stranger" (Created)
  5. Punch Your Lights Out (Created)
  6. "Party Foul (song)" (Created)

Fueled By Ramen[edit]

The Cab[edit]

  1. Glitz And Glamour EP (Created)
  2. Whisper War (Improved)

Hopeless Records[edit]

All Time Low[edit]

  1. The Party Scene (Improved)

Reprise Records[edit]

My Chemical Romance[edit]

  1. My Chemical Romance (Improved)
  2. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (Improved)