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Parkdale and Wrestling

Saliou Kaba is a student at Parkdale High School in Riverdale, Maryland who will graduate at the end of the 2013-2014 School Year. During his time at Parkdale, Saliou Kaba involved himself in many activities, including wrestling. In March of 2014, Kaba wrestled for his high school in the South Region wrestling tournament in the 145 lb. weight class. [1]. Kaba lost his first round match in 5 minutes and 58 seconds to Jahi Jones from Oxon Hill High School. As the tournament was a double elimination draw, he faced Dominic Sita of Huntingtown in his second match, which he lost as well.

Philosophy and Existentialism

Kaba has also attempted at times to take up metaphysics, existentialism, and to combat relativism, nihilism and solipsism. In one such argument at Parkdale High School, Saliou was quoted as saying "I need a more credible source...than myself" and "I will come in with more proof next time." It seems that the challenge of the circular reasoning in metaphysical solipsism intrigued Saliou in his time in high school.


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