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Hi Wikipedians.

I'm still relatively new to the site, so if you ended up here because of some ass-hole-ish incident in which I took action, please visit my Talk Page and vent bile (justified or not) there. I hate giving any autobiography to someone who believes I only care about myself.

Oh Good. They're gone.

I'm a Canadian editor and very much a fan of this site. My fandom extends so far as a great desire to make the site better. My interests are sporadic, and at the moment revolve around Literature.

At the moment, my desire is for greater clarity of some articles on the 'bigger' work of Literature that I feel are underrated. We can all complain about lack of reading, but giving a 'road map' of a book can be a great help to new readers of work. Besides, how intimidating can a work be if it can be fluently summarized in less than 100 k?

One of the 'Lists' of World Literature that I'm generally working off as a guide is Harold Bloom's Western Canon. He might have disowned it, but I've found adopting it has lead me towards some of the most interesting works I've encountered.

The following lists may never be fulfilled, but here they are for future giggles.

Articles I've worked on

Articles I would like to improve/see improved

English Literature

Non-English Literature

Contemporary Literature

Pipe Dreams of Future Articles

  • Lucy Negro
    • A public prostitute of Medieval England and purported lover of Shakespeare
    • The main problem being most accounts are unreliable and, let's face it, not likely stocked in any nearby library
  • Juvenalia of Brontë Children
    • Would be a very large project
    • One of the only and most extensively surviving Juvenalia of prose fiction writers

As a side note or fun fact to all those who have read to the end of this vanity page, I once tried to initiate the writing of a series of articles on Existentialism from a Christian perspective on Conservapedia to be banned for five years. Please don't try to deduce who I am, ask why I ever thought this would be a good idea, or why I was there in the first place.