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Dr. Asad Zaman: Education: B.S. Math, MIT 1971 M.S. Statistics,Stanford 1974, Ph.D. Economics, Stanford 1978. See my personal webpage for further details, lectures, research, and other articles.

I am the author of an advanced graduate textbook on Econometrics: Statistical Foundations for Econometric Techniques.

I am also one of the administrators of the WEA {World Economic Association} Pedagogy Blog.

Many article & drafts of my articles on economics, econometrics, social science, islamic economics and some others can be found on my SSRN author page.

At last count, there were over 750 citations to my published work; see my profile on Google Scholar.

Many of my talks on diverse talks are available from my YouTube Channel: Asad Zaman URL is:

Many of my articles are posted on my Author Page at LinkedIn

I have a Blog which provides an antidote to dominant Eurocentric views: Islamic WorldView

I am planning to add extensively to WikiQuotes -- see my user page: Asaduzaman