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A findcode was an idea which I came up with in late April 2008, and have just now got around to implementing. It came about as I sometimes search for my own comments on talk pages when they are cited without quotation (or when I just need to look again at them), utilizing FireFox's find toolbar. Unfortunately, I, like many, have a stylized signature which makes searching by username difficult. A findcode essentially 'marks' your comment on the page, allowing easy searching via use of browser tools.

A findcode is made up of eight completely random alphanumeric characters, which means that you can see your comments through a search engine as well, without fear of finding other results alongside. My findcode is f2abr04x, and I have put it in my signature with <small>(fc: f2abr04x)</small>. You are free to use whatever formatting you like, so long as it is obvious to others that the string is a findcode, which can easily be done by simply putting [[User:Asenine/Find Code|<string>]] or <string> <sup>[[User:Asenine/Find Code|(what?)]]</sup>.


To get this on your userpage:-

Findcode magnifier.png Findcode: <your code here>

Type this:

{{User:Asenine/FC|<your code here>}}