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Here is a list of random trivia. Feel free to add more to the list.

  • Polar bear fur is not really white. It looks white because light is reflected off transclucent hairs.
  • One of the only few words in English containing uu is vaccuum.
  • Your hair is stronger than aluminum.
  • The dinosaur diplodocus could whip its tail faster than the speed of sound.
  • The most common isotope of Uranium has a half life of 4.5 billion (4 500 000 000) years. This is as long as the Earth's age so far.
  • The coldest places see the least rain and snow. Parts of Antarctica near the south pole are drier than the Sahara Desert.
  • One time when a proton collided with Earth, it released about 51 joules of energy.
  • When one particle of matter collide with one particle of antimatter, energy is released from two gamma rays going in opposite directions.
  • Supernovae are actually quite common. A large percentage of the stars brightly visible from Earth will explode as a supernova.
  • Global warming is also occuring on other planets, but only about 10% of that on Earth is from the same source that the other planets are experiencing, magnetic fluctuations in the sun.
  • Most comets are actually quite dry. There has been little evidence of large quanities of water.
  • The largest animal ever to exist on Earth, likely a dinosaur, weighed over 200 tons.
  • Most of the world measures in metric. Only a few countries, the most populated one being the USA, have not adopted it.
  • According to current plans and trends, Wikipedia is on its way to possibly becoming the most populated website.
  • The biggest threat to Wikipedia is not vandals, but global warming, which Wiki helps increase, mostly due to electricity consumption.
  • About 0.1% of humans are Wikipedian. About the same number plays runescape.
  • The main reason to why google is so popular is because of its features, and its search engine function, which directs mostly to other areas of the web.
  • The novel Gadsby has over 50,000 words, none containing the letter 'e', except in the author's name.
  • The most uncommon name in the USA is Zzyzzx, one first name for this last name is Hero.
  • Supposedly, the ancient sumerians have names for all the planets, even Pluto.
  • Asteroids larger than ~3km in diameter may break the Earth's crust if it lands in the ocean.
  • The Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is located due north of the point of land farthest northwest on the American side of the Niagara River border.
  • In an apartment complex neighbourhood near the crossing of Highway 401 and Highway 404 in Toronto, names for the small streets called "Starways" are Leo, Corvus, Ursa, Lyra, Virgo, Vega, Cetus, Capella, Lebus and Nebula. Located farther to the west is a "Village Greenway".