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Athab333 was diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age, and has since then persevered and continued to set an example of what it means to tackle tough obstacles. She has used her experiences as an opportunity to give back to the community, sharing her own personal story and volunteering for many charities, including the American Diabetes Research Foundation.

A Certified Nurse[edit]

Athab333 hopes that she will continue to grow and prosper in her field, becoming a respected professional. She says the medical field is interesting because it is so dynamic, an ever changing industry that requires you to adapt to continue to understand its intricacies. She says that her love for people and medicine as well as her nurturing nature is what prompted her to go down this particular career path. She is a registered professional nurse at the young age of 27, a career accomplishment that is pretty impressive by most standards.


Athab333 says that her true mission is simply to observe and catalog the massive and amazing world at large, and she does so one picture at a time. That is why she loves her job so much, there is always something new to learn, to see and sense. She says that the world is so breathtaking, full of so many various landscapes and animals, environments and atmosphere that it would take a thousand lifetimes to record everything. Athab is a photographer and journalist as well as a nurse, finding time for both in her life.