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Apparently, COIBot is afraid that I might just be Athanasius of Alexandria. I am flattered. And, in keeping with the charade, "Quicumque vult . . ."


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I am a bit of an WP:OGRE, editing when the mood hits me, and then disappearing back to my cave. My interests and my expertise lie in Christian history, theology, and literature (i.e., Biblical criticism). Not that it matters on wikipedia, but I hold one master's degree in the above topics, and one in liturgical and sacramental theology. I have been an editor for about 2 and half years. I edited for quite some time on another account that I abandonded for privacy reasons. I am neither an inclusionist nor a deletionist. Rather, my goals are quality, encyclopedic content; which at times means deleting material which meets none of those standards, and at times means simply improving what is already here.

Wikipedia is my hobby. Hobbies are fun. I edit what I enjoy, and if it ceases to be enjoyable, I move on. I am not interested in edit-warring or in arguing. If you are, please just leave me alone or go harass someone else. This is not my job, and often real-life keeps me from devoting the amount of time necessary to undertake larger projects on Wikipedia - but I figure a little bit of editing is better than none at all. I am also not here for social networking. This is intentionally an anonymous username. Some editors seem obsessed with the real-life identities of other editors, which is disconcerting. You may address me as Athanasius. All I need to know about you is how you edit - and that is all you need to know about me.


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For your great cleanup effort! ThemFromSpace 02:40, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

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