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This is an unusual essay of a complex topic. Here I don't will intend to establish what is God, but just try to understand our relationship with this thing we call "God". First of all, this is also a chance for me to train my English...

  • If we think that God is everything, including ourselves, and that the universe is a unity, we are somewhat in line with modern quantum physics that states that matter and consciousness are one. There is'nt a privilege to say that I am God, or that you are God, or that all of nature is God and we are one with it, however, this vision makes us look at life in a new significant way.
  • If we are all this, life is to please us, nothing goes against it. If we think something is wrong, we can not penetrate into the reasons of life, similarly, if we think that everything is right, we can see what are the things that are conflicted existence.
  • Everything is God, therefore everything has power, everything has power, and everything is true. We are that truth. Our society used to say: "Joe has power," or "So and so has power," but in fact this guy just woke up to feel part of the Force So is love: "Such a person feels love" when in fact it only awoke to feel part of a single love that exists. That is, there is my intelligence or the intelligence, there is only intelligence that can be accessed by each of us. Scientifically, we can compare this theory with the atmosphere and our lungs: the atmosphere is something almost abstract, while the lung is an organ material. The intelligence is abstract, the brain is an organ material.
  • So we can conclude that there are'nt souls separated from each other: there is the Soul, and we are all connected with it.
  • However, since children are educated in what we call the "myth of separation" when we say "men" or "humanity" or "nature", we do not include in it all. It is as if men, humanity and nature were out of us and we were far from it.
  • Nature is wise, the paragraph above can be debunked with a simple example: Suppose you're on a beach, seeing two islands. They will seem very divided and people give different names to them. However, if you simply dive into the sea to realize that these two islands are only two mountains whose peaks sprouted out of water because they are made of the same relief environment. If the sea did not exist on this site, we would see two mountains.
  • In fact, you and I are - in the sea of unconsciousness - the same relief: but from the standpoint of consciousness, are separate and you are separated from me. But if you ever dip into their own sea, you will see that we are the same relief, the same mind, the same soul, the same love and even humor. More than being, you will be. God is being.
Shadow-Light / God-Devil
  • Here, talk about contrast, about suffering and happiness, of pain and pleasure. Having the idea that we are one and that we are also God, is an exciting idea, but that does not respond to our questions: why do we suffer? how to be happy?
  • Now, you already know that consciousness is in charge of everything that we see and what we perceive as real and existing, and unconsciousness, in turn, undertakes to show its effects on consciousness. Since Plato and Socrates that discusses this, called the Metaphysical field of philosophy that studies the subject. These two ancient Greeks believed that there was a world where ideas were potential originated and where things real and perceived.
  • It is as if God - who is all wisdom, all beauty, all wealth, all intelligence, all the love and all the happiness - not aware of themselves and then one day he decides to be conscious of itself. Here begins the trend: it starts to self-perception. This is human evolution: we are constantly finding that we have wisdom, beauty, wealth, intelligence and happiness. But ... as God made to be aware of yourself?
  • To God be aware of himself, he shrank into himself to create a contrast, a friction - and this friction we call consciousness. But ... If everything is illuminated, we can not perceive light. As God solved this problem?
  • God solved this problem by creating a dark thing that serves as backdrop for light to be perceived. This theory can be applied in studies of the origin of the universe: God created a background (temporary and provisional) just so he could perceive.
  • If you're having a feiche light in his eyes, I see nothing if you're in a place completely dark, also not see clearly. But if you're a little light and a bit of darkness we can see something. The "Paradise Lost" is nothing more than the state in which any individual is unaware that he is God.
  • Thus, this contrast - which was later called the Demon of Evil, or Ego (word used by Hindus) for us - was created so that we could see the light. In fact, we spent the better understanding of the value of things when we lose than when we have things. This results in the famous phrase: "I was happy and did not know ..."
  • In this essay, you do not want to confuse the word "God" with a person like us in heaven. For me, God is much more complex to be said in words - however, we can say that it's just the person assigned to it: beauty, happiness, health.
  • In fact, we have all attributes of God within us all. Here, you learned that in the conscious alert (either through a physical or emotional pain) all that needs to be fixed in the unconscious so that we can access these attributes of God. The pain and suffering (which are the shadow) is a warning to get back into ourselves and find our light.
  • During our existence, we have witnessed and felt very cruel things in life, and yet, these things are teaching us the right way. It seems that created the inside out to realize the right. The suffering and pain is showing us that there are wonderful things in life.
  • In human history, intelligence, logic and others intellectual capacities were replacing the ego. (In his own life, you suffer only that which their intelligence was not applied. However, the things that you are still encourage you to use this intelligence.) Therefore, if the shadow is the reflection of light, and was specially created to lead us toward her, we saw at last the Ego, Suffering, Pain, Fear, the Devil, give the name you want to it, to dissolve as soon as we become aware of the good and divine.
  • When not acting on his intelligence, nature takes care of creating signs of changing our behavior in favor of our being so full, missing, we can bring the items - carrying everything, absolutely everything, is right in life.