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Most articles about Australian places are at Place, State/Territory. Places may be populated or unpopulated and include, but are not limited to, one of the valid types listed in the instructions for {{Infobox Australian place}} (city, suburb, town, LGA, region, cadastral, or protected), train stations, parks etc. Where the name of a place is the primary or only topic, the name of the place may be used alone (e.g., Sydney rather than [[Sydney, New South Wales]]), i.e. without disambiguation. Note cases such as Newcastle, New South Wales, which needs to be disambiguated from its namesake in the UK. State or territory names should not be abbreviated in article titles.

Places (other than suburbs) may be disambiguated, where necessary, by reference to city rather than state (e.g., The Rocks, Sydney, rather than [[The Rocks, New South Wales]]).

Local government areas are at their official name. Where further disambiguation is required, the local government area name is used in parentheses following the state name: [[Town, State (Local Government Area)]] (such as Springfield, Victoria (Macedon Ranges)).

For Australian roads, see Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Australian roads).


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