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My name is Ed Sussman. I have interest and expertise in articles around business, technology, the digital world, law, media and journalism.

I also do paid Wikipedia editing, trying always to stay strictly within the Conflict of Interest rules at WP: COI. As a COI editor, I promote the service I offer at, information I offer as required disclosure under WP: Paid.

I have a COI in regards to the following previous employers and/or schools I attended:, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Federal Judicial Center, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, Mansueto Ventures,,, Gruner + Jahr, University of Pennsylvania, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Duke Law School, Duke Law Journal.

You can presume any edits I have made for any article are on behalf of the article-subject or their employer, unless I specify otherwise.

If you ever think any of my work doesn't conform to Wikipedia policy, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it!