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I, as Wikipedian BJM138, joined on February 17, 2013. I use and edit pages associated with scientific subjects, as well as electronics and music. I also fix grammatical errors as I come across them.


I will look for necessary edits on pages involving scientific subjects, such as those in chemistry, biology, etc.


As a musician, I will watch and edit pages involving music theory and the like. However, my knowledge of celebrities and other famous people is nowhere near extensive.

Electronics and software[edit]

I have a somewhat expansive understanding of video gaming, as well as of modern gadgetry and operating systems, primarily Apple devices and iOS.

Random trivia[edit]

My desire to add to the vast knowledge of Wikipedia is not limited to the subject areas listed above. I take a liking to random trivia, and if I see anything I know to be inaccurate, I'll change it.

Grammar and other errors[edit]

If I notice that a page's grammar is off, I will be sure to add minor edits in an attempt to fix them. I will also fix errors with citations/references, mark or even improve stub articles, etc.


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