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Harald Georg Belker (born May 27, 1961, Krefeld) is a German automotive/product designer best known for his vehicle designs in films such as Batman&Robin and Minority Report. His designs range from Sunglasses, Kaenon to electric bikes, e-bike and Hotwheels for Mattel.

He was educated at the Art Center College of Design in Automotive Design after graduating from Georgia Southern University in Industrial Technology. Recently he received an honorable Doctors degree from Art Center.


Belker’s career started in 1991 at Mercedes Benz Advanced Design in Irvine California.

As part of the team responsible for the Smart car design he went on to work independently. Eventually ending up in Entertainment design. Here he had his most significant success. He also explored furniture design, Maxelle chair winning the excellent award and is responsible for the line of sunglasses at Kaenon Polarized. Lee Iacocca recruited him to design the e-bike.


BATTLESHIP Universal Studios/ Concept Designer Director: Peter Berg

IRON-MAN2 Marvel Studios/ Vehicle Design Director: Jon Favreau

TR2N ‘10 Walt Disney Studio Vehicle Design Director: Joe Kosinsky

DRAGONBALL ‘9 Fox Studios Vehicle / Concept Design

DEATHRACE ‘08 Constantine Studios Vehicle Design

IRON-MAN ‘08 Marvel Studios Vehicle/Concept Design Director: Jon Favreau

TRANSFORMERS ’07 Paramount Studios Vehicle/Concept Design Director: Michael Bay

SPIDER-MAN3 ‘06 Sony Pictures Sky Stick Design

TRIPLE X-2 ‘04 Revolution Studios Vehicle/Concept Design Director: Lee Tamahori

ZATHURA ‘04 Sony Pictures Concept Design Director: Jon Favreau

SERENITY ‘04 Universal Pictures, Vehicle Designs Director: Joss Whedon

CONSTANTINE ‘04 Warner Bros., Prop Illustrations Director: Francis Lawrence

STEALTH ‘03 Sony Pictures, Concept Designs Director: Rob Cohen

CAT IN THE HAT ‘02 Universal Pictures, Vehicle Design Director: Bo Welch

TRIPLE X ’01 Revolution Studios, Vehicle/Concept Design Director: Rob Cohen

MINORITY REPORT ‘01 Dreamworks / Fox Vehicle Design and Fabrication Supervisor Director: Steven Spielberg

SUPERMAN ’02 Warner Bros., Concept Designs Director: Brat Radner

SPIDER-MAN ‘00 Sony Pictures Concept Design Director: Sam Ramie

BATTLEFIELD EARTH ’00 Warner Bros./Morgan Creek Vehicle Design Director: Roger Christian

FAHRENHEIT 451 ‘99 Icon Production, Vehicle Design Director: Mel Gibson

INSPECTOR GADGET ‘98 Walt Disney Pictures, Vehicle Design Director: David Kellog

DEEP BLUE SEA ‘98 Warner Bros. Concept Illustrations Director: Renny Harlin

SUPERNOVA ‘97 MGM/UA, Concept Illustrations Director: Geoffrey Wright ARMAGEDDON ‘97 Touchstone Pictures Space-shuttle Design Director: Michael Bay

BATMAN & ROBIN ‘96 Warner Bros., Vehicle Design and Fabrication Supervisor Director: Joel Schumacher