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This user has been a science fiction fanzine fan and convention organizer since 1973, He is the host and producer of Shockwave Radio Theater on KFAI since 1979 and he writes about music, politics, and culture as barondave on his Live Journal Impressions from his home town, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fan Guest of Honor at Minicon 25 in 1990 and MarsCon (Bloomington, Minnesota) 2004.

Web pages:
[Shockwave Radio Theater] (the original site, first established in 1995), and
[Dave Romm's Portal] (the much larger site with the picture galleries and sound files).

Full name: David E Romm
(Note that there is no period after the E in the middle name)

Often goes by: Dave Romm

Faannish name: DavE
(A shorthand, pre-blog, identifier from apas. The E is capitalized and therefore accented, but still silent. It's a two syllable name where you don't pronounce the second syllable. Got it?)

BBS name: Jason Reignboughs
(Used on pre-www computer Bulletin Board Systems, mostly local to Mpls. Tagling: "I'm always Jason Reignboughs (-)(0)" It's also his Conceptual Artist character on Shockwave Radio Theater.)

Since 2002: Baron Dave
(He is a real Baron of a fake country, Ladonia)

Brother of Joseph J. Romm

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